Free Local Search Rank Checker

Our Local Serp Tracking Feature is Live!

The Extension X App includes a free local ranking tracker feature!

Local SEO is booming more than ever, and Google Maps are the new gold standard for your rankings.

A local search rank tracker is one of the most important marketing and SEO tools for monitoring your ranking and for keeping tabs on other businesses in your geographic area.

With a local rank tracking tool, you’ll know if your local SEO strategy is working or not.

When we started working with different agencies, it became clear that a lot of them needed to have the ability to check their rank from multiple areas. Some would need zip codes while others required an address or city name and some might even be looking for neighborhoods around here too!

Clients know how important it is gaining visibility from the many areas out there so showing results in multiple geo-targeting options has become mandatory.

The best part about our local rank tracker?

In order to monitor your progress, you can connect to the GMB Extension X and compare results from time-to-time.

It’s essential that you or your team audit these numbers in order to find out where all of the efforts are going.

Local Search Ranking Reports made it easy

Using the Local Rank-Checker feature will allow users to pay attention to their swing in the pack on top of organic results across all 20 listings on Google maps.

Finally, a Free SEO tool for your Google local game!

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Why is important

Multiple Locations Search

Store Your Position

Get Accurate Information

Local Pack Serp Tracking Tips

Why it’s important

There are dozens of businesses in your geographical area who also want to be number one on the local 3 pack. Monitoring and reporting is a must! Generate unlimited reports with trackable results for clients!

Store Your Positions

Ever feel like you’re constantly playing an uphill battle of SEO to try and rank for your business?

We make it easy with the GMB Crush Ranking Monitor. With our tool, we have made saving rankings simple so that they can be saved as a screenshot or csv file.

This way we can keep track of how local rankings change over long periods of time and see whether it is worth investing more “SEO budget”!

How does it work? 🤔

You can click to any result on the report and see its rankings against other listings. Click “Download CSV” or “Screenshot” in order for a full picture of your chosen listing’s rank changes.

You can import and store all your searches into the GMB Crush Software so that you don’t need to worry about losing and tracking any of your results!

Get Accurate Information

Gain instant access to more resources for obtaining accurate information about your targeted local keyword location.

With the Extension X rank tracker feature you can analyze any GMB Listing to retrieve:

⭐Current Ranking
⭐Current Business Status
⭐Business Title
⭐Category Analysis
⭐Reviews & Rating
⭐Address & Phone Number
⭐Website & CID
⭐Place ID & Coordinates
⭐CTR Data

Your local rankings constantly fluctuate and they can change any time of the day. Well, you know that right?

If you will just consider your rank at a certain time of the day, you may not be getting the right information you need to make decisions.

With our local search rank tracker tool, you can track your trending position on the Map serp in a specific date range and compare the results.

How does it work? 🤔

By “keyword” we report your initial search keyword.

“Location” is where you’re located when the data was collected and geo-coordinates are attached to the event with a “date stamp”.Take a proactive move in improving your GMB Audit strategy!

Local Serp Tracking Tips

Track Your Local Ranking Anytime

Having a Google My Business listing is not enough to rank in local searches. You need to optimize your listing and track your progress on the Map serp regularly. That way, you will know if your local SEO strategy is enough to land you a spot in the local pack.

The GMB Crush rank tracking is the best way to know if your Google My Business account is properly optimized for your advantage.

With our local search rank checker tool, tracking your rank any time of the day is hassle-free. 

We know how important it is for this information to be readily available any time of the day and any day of the week. You don’t have to wait for the end of the week or end of the month report to get an idea of your local search ranking. 

Through the app’s reports, you can take a peek at your local ranking data wherever and whenever. 🥳

This is important so that as soon as you see your competition outranking you in a certain location, you can track and take immediate action to stay on top of the competition.

Easy Competitor Tracking

Just like in any game, you can only plan a good SEO and marketing strategy to win if you are aware of how other competitors are doing.

Without any data about them, it’s easy to be complacent and overly confident that your business website is doing well when it is not.

Your competition may already be outranking you in certain locations and if you don’t take any action as soon as possible, this could mean losing a lot of potential customers to them.

Ps: This is the visual of the data downloaded from a CSV.

Using our local search rank checker, you’ll stay informed all the time.

You’ll have insights into what keywords are your competitors ranking for and how they rank higher than you. You need to track these targeted keywords – this is why! 💪

With the available data in the local rank tracker tool, you can then compare, improve or apply the necessary changes in your search engine optimization strategy to rank higher in Google 3 pack and other local search engines.

Knowing Your Ranking Per Zip Code

If you have a very good idea as to who your target market is, and even in what geographical areas your customers are located, it’s vital that you know how well you rank for the zip codes in those geographic locations.

For example: if there’s an area where people want to eat at restaurants similar to yours but no one has taken up residence there yet then this helps determine ideal restaurant locations within untapped regions.

Do this in all cities where you are located and not yet located and it helps you to get a bigger market share of a whole country!

Checking the Industry Centroids

Find Out Which Zip Codes are Important to Rank for.

Centroid, or central point of relevance, is a central reference point in Local SEO and local listings. In the past centroids were based on the geographic center of their respective cities; this meant that businesses closer to city centers had competitive advantages over those not close enough.

Now, this has moved towards industry-related centroids and user-based centroids depending on what search query is executed.

Image Credits to Bipper Media

If you search for “Restaurant in +City Name ” Google will provide you with a list of restaurants that have the highest density of restaurants in a region of a city. By checking these search queries you can then find out what locations and zip codes are the most popular in the city, and where most of your prospects are hanging out! If you are not ranking yet in these locations, it’s a good idea to start optimizing your listing for these locations.

This is why the GMB Crush Extension X allows you to scrape GMB/GBP listings based on Keyword, device type, Cities and zip codes, and search location.

And add the top #20 competition to your competitor lists.

To attract prospects in your location you should heavily optimize for user-based centroids, which basically means any search query for your business that includes “near me”. If your search query is “Restaurants near me” the results will be very different from the query “Restaurants in +City Name”.

You can easily simulate this by searching “Restaurants near me” in Google maps, and then start moving your map location.

Every time you move your location in the map, you will get different results based on the coordinates in the URL of the google maps.

White-label Reporting

We have that covered as well. 😎

Our local rank tracker is a powerful, yet easy to use tool for tracking and sharing rankings data with clients without the need of paying extra fees. You can download your screenshot or CSV sheet so you have all this information on hand at once!

Happy Crush!