Near Me SEO Strategy

Brock Misner going to show you a URL hack that you can absolutely, without even doing anything, start gobbling up a lot of those near me term

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Proximity Stretch Out

Location Pages

Url Structure

Build Relevance

Images Optimization

Custom Directions

Proximity Stretch Out

Brock: It’s your boy! And today, we’re going over some on page SEO. We’re going to break this up into a 5 part series. 

We’re going to go over location pages, how to grab those featured snippets, site structure, service pages, your blog, and how to boost the pages you want through interlinking. 

There’s so much that can be done with just your own page right now. It’s mind blowing and if you’re not utilizing this to your advantage, you need to not only is this going to help you show up in multiple cities through the normal organics, but this is going to tremendously boost your Google My Business listing and stretch out that proximity.
Alright, so we are going to build a location page from scratch, I’m going to take you by the hand and show you exactly how I do it. And we’re going to show you a URL hack that you can absolutely, without even doing anything, start gobbling up a lot of those near me term. So like a service or product near me, this is a perfect way to do that without doing anything on page. And we’re going to make sure that you are targeting the right keyword, you might think that’s the right keyword that you want to target but in reality is not it as a secondary keyword and I’m going to show you how you check that. And we’re going to brush over a little bit of the local image SEO, if you guys haven’t seen it, go check out that video. There’s an even deeper dive into the patreon that really gives you that extra juice. Right now it’s really hot and a lot of people are doing it.

Location Pages

Brock: And this one’s going to piss everybody off so we’re going to do this and we’re going to rank all these pages with duplicate content. Yes, I said we’re going to repurpose this content over and over again, and it’s going to rank over and over again so everybody with your duplicate content, crybabies out there not so much do your own testing and stop listening to what everybody says. And going over that secret sauce, building that geographical relevance that’s really what makes these pages pop. Enough me talking, let’s get into it.

First, before I show you how to optimize it, I actually want to show you the results. So I’m here in location guard and the city that we’re targeting is Benbrook, it’s a city inside of Texas. So as you can see, we have our fixed location. I just randomly picked the point here and Benbrook right outside of Fort Worth and let me show you the results now. So all I’ve done is change my location, obviously the Benbrook and we’ve done our keyword here being roofing and let’s see where we are at. We’ve got Facebook JF which is a large single company, boom, number 3 we’re right here. And this is the really powerful thing I want to show you as well as the near me searches.

Now the company has an office in Fort Worth, Texas and has an office in Granbury, Texas about 30 miles away. So this Benbrook is not associated other than with that geo page that we created. Alright, so I’ve 2 roof repairs near me. It is one of the secondary categories and it’s obviously a near me term. Let’s see where we are ranking and we are number 4 right here. It’s not too bad, I haven’t even touched the title tags or the meta description, nor have I added the near me into the URL or through any links at this. This is just on page and this is a very, very short amount of time that we saw the rankings increase. So that just goes to show you how much weight these pages pull and wait to see our proximity results.

Alright, so now we’re roofing near me another one of our secondary keywords and we are number 2. And let’s try another one roof replacement near me we’re going down to number 3. Okay, so we literally went from not on the map at all, or 20 Plus to almost top 10 rankings in the majority these geo points and I’ve seen this and I expect this to even get up even better once we optimize the title tags, the meta description the URLs, and this is for a keyword roof repair. And let me pull up right here for roof repair. Okay, so let me show you how far away this is from the actual company. So there’s the physical location way up here in the center port work and it’s all the way down here. Alright, and here’s the actual distance here as you can tell he is right out about 10 miles so definitely not a little 1 or 2 mile radius whatsoever to be ranking top 10 as far away is absolutely huge and I’m going to show you how to do it because I’m the man. But first you all know what time it is, roll the tape

We are using a real website for this tutorial and Bobby from KOG Ruben has been gracious enough to let us do this complete on his page series with a real website. And what I want to do is take you actually inside the search console once we optimize things and actually show you the boost. So it’s almost like a single variable test because I won’t be doing anything else with this website other than on page, I’ll even show you the Google My Business proximity results as well. Now, your homepage is really going to target where your business is actually physically located using by default, Google knows where your business is at but what we want to do in this instance, is start dragging, targeting the cities that are around inside of his service area. And that’s what those location pages are for because we can show up for city plus keyword, keyword plus city right. Or we can even show it for near me terms for when somebody is in a certain city and they’re just looking for a roofing repair near me, these location pages can pop if they’re optimized correctly.

Url Structure

Brock: Alright, the first thing I want to show you is the URL hack near me, like I promised, I will show you how to do that. So most companies have this exact URL structure as you can see, we have the forward slash service areas and they’ll have something over here like whatever secret you’re targeting. That’s how I see the vast majority of roofing companies and agencies and SEO-rs that’s how they set up their URL structure. Not your boy, we’re going to actually take this a step further and as you know, you haven’t been an SEO longer than 15 minutes, you can tell that you are URL structure is extremely important, especially having a keyword in or if you’re like creating silos, it’s important you guys know so I’m going to show you the trick. So instead of having just your Plano service areas, what we’re going to do is swap the service areas out, and then we’re going to target near me. So it’s going to be domain forward slash near me forward slash city plus main keyword, that is what your URL structure should look like. Before you tell me Brock it doesn’t work, let me show you some of the bigger corporations have already caught on to this. Alright, so I’m going to show you this example here with just Yelp. Okay, so Yelp does this exact pack here and as you can see, not only are they targeting their URL, but they’re also targeting their title tab. Big big hint there guys!

What we’re going to do is we’re going to go here and we’re going to go ahead and just hit up the first location page, and I’m going to show you how to optimize these. Okay, as you can see, this is a normal location page targeting some headers and that’s it alright. Now I’m going to show you how I structure this, I’m going to just do a little time warp right now.

First, I want to give a big shout out to Terry Samuels from Salterra web design, he’s really opened up my mind about geo pages, location pages, I’ve tried a bunch of different tests in different ways. And I just liked the way it works so big shout out to Terry from Salterra. Go check out some of these location pages on anything you reverse engineer from him, it’ll be good.

Alright, so as you can see, we started with a blank canvas. I did copy and paste the content into a txt file just for visible purposes, I wouldn’t do it this way if I was actually doing it. But first, what I want to show you is make sure that we are targeting the correct keyword. Roofing is going to be pretty simple, I mean, it’s going to be city plus roofing primarily. But we want to make sure that like with plumbing, locksmith personal injury attorneys, like you want to make sure that you are actually targeting a primary keyword and not your secondary keyword, I’m going to show you how to do that right now.

Alright, so as you can see, I did a search for Benbrook roofing, I just want to take a look at the title tags and the URLs and make sure that we are targeting the correct keyword, especially when you’re going into more broad niches like plumbing, locksmiths, financial services, personal injury attorneys, all those could have a primary keyword could be different than what you’re actually targeting and that could be a secondary keyword. So you just want to do a search as you can tell, we’ve got Benbrook roofing, Benbrook roofing we’re good on this one. Alright, so all I did here was I put the old content back on the page and just kind of restructured it a little bit differently, I added some headers. Don’t worry if you don’t get all this right now. I’m going to go over that in complete detail in another video. How do I go about how many headers do I need? What do the headers need to say, I’ve got a pretty cool hack with that as well but I just kind of want to show you what we have right now. It’s just basically the same, same content, right. But what we need to do now is build the geographical relevance that’s really what makes the end of this page pop and explode and give you that ranking power.

Build Relevance

Brock: We’re about to go over next building this geographical relevance is also going to give your GMB a boost as well. Now, you don’t have to go over this next step there is another way of doing this without actually adding it to the actual page itself. I’m going to say that for Patreon only but if you don’t want to add all this stuff that I’m about to add, there’s a way to do it that you don’t actually have to add onto the page. So it’s like you have a difficult client or you just don’t want to do it for whatever reason, you don’t have to there’s another way. So first thing let’s understand how Google understands the state of Texas and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to mirror that onto our page and then we’re going to do the same for the actual city. As you can tell, obviously, it’s going to have a Wikipedia link, you’ve got the knowledge panel, take close attention to what’s actually in this knowledge panel, right, especially when you’re on the city level, you got your site, which is the government site for the state, you’ve got your images, you’ve got your things to do, this is extremely important. So these are the things we’re going to mirror on the page.

Alright, so I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time. I’m going to go into more detail and go to the city level. But what I’ve done is I’ve added an about header, okay, and if we come in through here, I pirate linked, linked up to the site, I’ve linked out to an actual Texas map. And then I’ve linked out to the website and that’s all I’ve done here. And then what really is going to make this page pop is actually getting that geographical information on the city level. And that’s what we’re going to go into now.

Alright, so now we want to do is we’re going to add the geographical relevance for Benbrook itself. This is extremely, extremely important, and I’m going to show you what I do. Okay, so first things first, you want to check out that knowledge panel, what kind of information doesn’t have here and add that information on to the actual page itself? Second thing I like to do is that people also ask questions; these are extremely relevant so Google deems these questions what people are searching for them in to Google deems these questions very relevant to the city of Benbrook. And the last thing I want to hit is obviously the top sites in Benbrook right here, these are great areas to also link out to and mention because these are highly authoritative places inside of the city itself.

Images Optimization

Brock: Okay and then last place I want to tell you is, I want to touch on some images. I’m not going to do it here, but I’m going to show you what I’m talking about. So you can see Google’s theme, some images for Benbrook, Texas very relevant, okay. And what you can do is you can actually go into here and grab an image that’s geographically relevant to Benbrook, like the sign or Benbrook Lake, that’s a big topic, right and then put your logo and your name, address phone number in on that actual image. I know I’m not telling you to steal an image off of here on Google. If you’re local, go get your own image, have your client grabbing some images or having their employees grabbing some images. But yes, so now we’re going to build our geographical relevance on the city level okay. And first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to add a header, I’m going to put this down here in Benbrook, Texas, change its size Okay keep it as an h2 next we’re going to add text underneath it.

So first thing we’ll do is whenever the knowledge panel we want to add this Benbrook to Southwest Corner of Tarrant County elevation area, not going to do the weather, obviously population, curfew, demographics, property taxes, you can mess around with that stuff you want. But I’m not going to add that on, I don’t want to update this, I want to keep it evergreen. So all I’ve done here is I’ve just added this in. I’m going to link out to the site right and then this Tarrant County is going to grab the Tarrant County and we’re going to throw that in there.

Okay, now the last thing I’m going to do is the thing to do but come on down here to the top sites and Benbrook we’ve got Benbrook Lake and the park and the other park. Now let’s see I’m curious if this actually has a website, it doesn’t look like there is,  there’s sites that link out to it so I think I will grab one of them so I’ll go ahead and link out to there. It’s like it’s a camping site. Let’s look at the Dutch branch park. Obviously it doesn’t have its own website as well but you can take a pic. Another thing you can also do which would be really cool was actually doing driving directions. So what we can do is we can come over here and hit directions, right. And instead of actually finishing there, we want to actually start it. We’re going to actually end our business, we’re going to grab the share link, we’re going to copy it and we’re going to throw it here.

Alright, and the last is going to be Twilight park. We’re going to come over here, let’s check it out, I doubt there’s anything in it. Oh, it actually has a, this is perfect it’s got a website on the actual Ben website, that is awesome. And we’re going to link out there, okay. Save, done, finito, perfecto!

All right and then you can come, you’re already done this, you guys don’t need to watch me do it. But I took the questions and these are also great things to add in as headers on your other pages that’s for a different video. But what I did was I took the, let’s see here Benbrook, the people also asked, right, and I put them and I formulated them into an actual, according.

Custom Directions

Brock: Okay, and then our last thing that we want to do is we want to add driving directions to Benbrook to our actual business and then we’re going to embed a map. What we’ve got over here, we’ve got, we’ve got back to our Benbrook page, we’re going to click directions. Alright, then we’re going to take Benbrook to our export business location. And then we’re going to come down here, and we’re going to want to copy and paste the actual driving directions and put them on the page itself.

Alright, so I’ve got a header driving directions for Benbrook. And then we’ve got our office address and then we have the actual driving directions. Lastly, we’re going to embed a map when we come over here to share, embed a map, copy the HTML, and we paste it in there. So as you can see, this is what our page is, this is what our page structure actually looks like. 

As you see, our page structure looks pretty good. It could be a bit better but that’s what it looks like guys.
Drop any questions below. That’s it you should do all of your pages similar to this and if you’ve got any questions, drop them down in the comments below. As I said, that’s all I got for you feel free to come by and take a look at this website. I should be getting the rest of the location pages up this week, you can take a peek at it. Go check out Salter I will leave the link in the description below and let’s see how all the copy caters do on their version of what I just did. That’s all I got for you all.

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