The GMB Crush Money Training Course

The Advanced Money Science Training

In this advanced version of the money science training, you will learn best practices to outrank your competitors in local searches empowering your Google Business Profile by associating the right Google data to your account increasing its geographic relevance ( by building relevant geo-signals), and authority.

You’ll also get SEO secrets that move the needle and stretch listings’ proximity!

In this course you will learn how to use GMB Crush, the ins and outs of optimizing a Google business listing to rank straight to the top, and how to conduct an initial GMB/GBP audit to present your findings, analytics, and recommendations to clients, potential prospects and your SEO team.

You can access the GMB Crush Money Science course for FREE, by purchasing any GMB Crush annual package. An annual subscription grants you access to our Google My Business masterclass Facebook group, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions and get support from our experts.”

See how to leverage the GMB Crush features to create SEO optimization plans, build effective business proposals, and analytic reports, and communicate SEO improvements.

In addition, we will be adding new video training from time to time for all of our yearly user subscribers. So make sure you stay tuned in order not to miss any updates on what’s happening “on board”!!



Module 1 :


In this episode, we’ll be talking about how to use the MY GMB section of GMB Crush in order for you to track results and metrics that matter the most.

The MY GMB section will help you get a better understanding of what is going on with your business and how it can be improved.

In short:

  1. Connect all of your official properties on GMB Crush
  2. Get instant access to a powerful, zero-effort reporting tool with one click
  3. Stay on top of your game by tracking 11 high-ranking-impact behavioral metrics from a simple yet insightful UX
  4. See how much of an impact you make on ROI at your fingertips


Module 2 :

User Signal Insights

In this episode, we’ll be talking about user signals. User signals are behavioral patterns that Google uses to rank business listings. When these actions continue through different geographies then it will impact how high your listing shows up across multiple locations.

In short:

  1. See why engagement is one of the most important factors in Google’s ranking algorithm.
  2. See how to improve your listing’s behavioral signals.


Module 3 :

The GMB Miner

In this episode, we will show you how to use the power of GMB Crush to conduct in-depth SEO audits, on any Google business listing.

The Audit feature is powered by the GMB Miner section of GMB Crush and allows users to identify hidden SEO factors influencing the local 3-pack, to unleash an optimized shareable SEO plan in less than 5 minutes.

In short:

  1. See why the algorithm is favoring certain listings
  2. Manage GMB audit requests in a breeze and share ready-to-execute SEO plans
  3. Find competitors’ weaknesses and capitalize on them


Module 4 :

The Wizard Part 1 | Category Insights

Compare your chosen MY GMB listing, and see how it stacks up against the top businesses dominating a local 3-pack.

Understand why a certain cluster of categories association works best in relation not only to the Business listing but also when it comes down to content on your website.

In short

  1. Find category opportunities
  2. Find a unique angle to optimize your business categories


Module 5 :

The Wizard Part 2 | Business attributes insights

As Google’s search results become more personalized and voice searches are becoming increasingly popular, having a closer look to these attributes will be even more important in ensuring that users can find what they need without wading through pages and pages of irrelevant options.

In short:

  1. Review your top 3 competitors’ listings and implement those missed elements to increase the ranking of your business listing overall.
  2. See insights into how certain business attributes are linked with local 3-pack.


Module 6 :

The Wizard Part 3 | Zip code insights | Empower your business profile

In this episode, we will see more in detail how to connect all the dots around search centroids and competitors’ locations using Zip code insights from the Wizard audit document.

Optimize the “About Me” Google profile, so you can empower your business page and rank higher following the right optimization steps.

In short:

Gain insights into :

  1. How far your business is located from the group of businesses that are ranking in the top 10 positions.
  2. How many local businesses with the same zip code as yours are ranking in the top 10 and top 3 positions.
  3. The zip code percentage over the top 10 results.
  4. The zip code difficulty score ( see how tough it will be for your business to succeed in the same areas where you’re located)
  5. How to create a professional trustworthy Google profile to empower your business listing.


Module 7 :

How to generate trust and geographical signals

In this episode, we will see more in detail how to pick up relevant geographical details that Google already associated with a certain area so you can build powerful geo-signals and expand your proximity.

In short:

Gain insights into :

  1. How to rank in cities where you don’t have an address
  2. How to use Google tools to geo-tag your videos and pictures
  3. How to create direction signals and let Google associate them with your account
  4. How to create hyperlocal signals mirroring the most prominent zip code locations found in the Wizard audit document of GMB Crush
  5. Why we are ranking #1 nationwide for our primary keyword


Module 8 :

The Wizard Part 4 | GMB Post Audit | Place topic insights

In this episode, we will see more in detail about the GMB post Audit section of GMB Crush.

You’ll gain insights into how much and when your top 3 competitors are posting on their business listings, which could give you a competitive edge!

In short:

Gain insights into :

  1. The post frequency between posts
  2. How often it’s posting
  3. The total post count over the last 90 days
  4. How to approach your business post content creation strategy with a clear plan in mind
  5. How to reverse engineer Google Ad and GSC data to skyrocket your business posts to the next level
  6. Which keywords your reviews should include mirroring the top 3 results.


Module 10 :

The Wizard Part 6 | Business Hours Insights | Summary | The To-do List Insights

In this episode, we’ll see more in detail about the opening hours and the summary section, and the to-do list.

In short:

Gain insights into :

  1. When clients are most active and open to new opportunities
  2. When other businesses are most active and open to new opportunities
  3. When there’s a high influx of clients searching for your product or services
  4. The average score for a company to rank over the top 10 and 3rd place
  5. The average click-through rate over the top 3 results
  6. How to set goals, summarize what needs to be done and create battle plans that can get clients excited about your services.


Module 11 :

The GMB Crush Pitch Deck Feature

In this video, we will see more in detail how to create a quick pitch deck proposal and then associate it with any Wizard Audit of your choice. This way you can drive prospects by showing them where they stand compared to their competition as well as highlight what changes would help take them up another level when ranking online!

In short

Gain insights into :

  1. How to use data to make your pitches irrefutable
  2. How to position yourself as the person or the agency that can solve your prospect’s SEO visibility problem
  3. How to say goodbye to screenshots and attachments outreaching potential prospects


Module 12/13 :

Hyperlocal Strategies Part 1/Part2

Find out how to take advantage of Hyperlocal SEO strategies and how to use traffic from YouTube Ads by targeting visitors of your competing companies, skyrocketing your GMB / GBP engagement metrics.

In short

Gain insights into :

  1. Optimizing the content on your website to create a sense of local relevance
  2. Understanding which specific local details trigger the appearance of the “local 3 pack” in search results
  3. Utilizing local details to establish a connection between your business profile and website


Module 14 :

GMB Photo Sniper

Learn how to optimize your GMB/GBP Photos, discover how many photos competitors have posted and which of their photos are
receiving the most engagement.

In short

Gain insights into :

  1. Reverse-engineering the most successful competitor photos
  2. Utilizing Google Cloud Vision to optimize your photos for your Google Business profile
  3. Gauge the level of engagement and activity on your competitors’ profiles


Module 15 :


Find out how to boost your GMB/GBP – Local Link Building campaign with our Link Building Strategy Via Podcasting.

In short

Gain insights into :

  1. Leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance your podcast link-building efforts: By using AI-powered tools, you can streamline and automate parts of your link-building process, freeing up time and resources to focus on more strategic tasks
  2. Accessing a ready-made list of the most influential sites for publishing and acquiring relevant links: Our Google sheet contains a comprehensive list of powerful websites that can help boost the visibility and credibility of your podcast through high-quality links.
  3. Scaling up your link-building strategy: By using AI and our curated list of top link-building sites, you can more efficiently and effectively build a strong foundation of links for your podcast, helping to drive traffic and increase your visibility in search results.