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Deliver Exactly what Google Want to See

Get your hands on the exact data you need to optimize your listings to ace it in the local SERPs, delivered in an easy-to-read format to take immediate action.

With GMB Crush, you can stop the guess work and invest your money and time into the factors that will move the needle.

Be it more reviews, more GMB posts every 2-3 days or more photos on the regular, GMB Crush will let you know exactly what to do to improve your rankings.

We are working to release the official Webapp.

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Step 1

Launch a Search in Google Maps through the Free App

Step 2

Audit any GMB property of your choice or analyze the top 20 organic results

Step 3

Download the results in CSV, strategize to win!

Find the  factors that are holding back your GMB listings from

 Dominating the local 3-pack

Spy On Your Competitors GMB & Reverse Engineering Their Optimization Strategy


Discover the exact categories used by the top listing, and what is the exact order rewarded by Google.

Number of Reviews

Detect if number of reviews and customer’s rating are impacting search rankings of your niche.

GMB Post Frequency

Determine How Often and How much you need to post. Gain competitor’s GMB post frequency insights in just few clicks.

Identify Content Gaps

Identify gaps in your website’s content and your GMB description sets. Dive quickly into the details and save time with our visual editor.

On Page Insights

Find competitors’ on-page weaknesses, and capitalize on them. Ensure the strategy you’re creating takes you closer to your business goals.

Keyword Frequency

Determine where your efforts will have the most impact in terms of Keyword Frequency. Focus on keywords and segments that mean the most to his business.

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Whats Next?

Reverse Engineer your Competitor GMB

Good practices aren’t enough. You need to identify the factors that are influencing the 3-pack rankings such as number and frequency of GMB, categories, type of content and content length from the domain connected to your competitor’s GMB, on-page insights and much more.

You need to deliver exactly what Google wants in your industry and location!

However, analyzing all of these GMB factors manually means too much effort and time – especially for agencies and freelancers managing several listings.

That’s why we created GMB Crush, to automatize the process of reverse engineering your competitors, to bring you a battle plan on what you need to optimize to get into the local 3-pack to beat your competition.

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GMB Crush brings you an easy way to rocking top local 3-pack rankings by delivering exactly what Google wants to see.
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