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We can divide the GMB Crush Chrome tool into 2 main features, GMB Audits, and Lead generation. Below we will explain each feature and explain how it can help your local SEO efforts.

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Table of Content:

Audit Features

Competitor`s titles & Keyword stuffing

Competitor`s category analysis

Competitor`s reviews, ratings & description

Competitor`s Post Count & Publishing frequency

Lead Generation Features

Identify who is paying for Ads

Identify Outsider Listings

Exporting and combining CSV`s

Extension Updates

Audit Features

With the Audit feature you can analyze a single GMB Listing, and retrieve the following parameters:

  1. Business Title
  2. Main Categories
  3. Hidden Categories
  4. Rating
  5. Amount of Reviews
  6. Description
  7. Total GMB Post count
  8. GMB Post Publishing Frequency in the last 90 days
  9. Post dates

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the GMB Crush Chrome Tool audit features:

Competitor`s titles & Keyword stuffing

Gain insights into your competitor’s titles, allowing you to see if they are stuffing keywords into their GMB titles to rank higher on searches.

This allows you to suggest edits directly via Google my Business, asking the Google team to review the competitor’s listing and their nefarious practices. 

Competitor`s category analysis

Analyze all of the main and hidden categories used by your competitors as well as the ranked order of these categories. When you analyze the top 3 organic results for different related keywords, and you can see that you are missing categories that are proven to work, you can easily edit your categories based on this information.

Competitor`s reviews, ratings & description

Reverse engineer your competitor`s rating, number of reviews and word counts, allowing you to directly compare your listing`s performance to the competition before optimizing and perfecting those descriptions. 

Competitor`s Post Count & Publishing frequency

Analyze your top 3 competition`s post count and publishing frequency over the last 90 days. By knowing your competition`s publishing frequency and post count you can adjust your content strategy to overtake your competition!

Lead Generation Features

The GMB Crush Lead Generation feature allows you to target your activities on the top 22 search result listings, giving you the power to research and analyze 20 organic and 2 paid results.

From these 22 results you can see the following parameters:

  1. Business Titles
  2. Google Maps Page #1 Main Categories Trend
  3. Google Maps Page #1 Average Rating
  4. Google Maps Page #1 Average Number of Reviews
  5. Address Visibility
  6. Phone Visibility
  7. Number of Listings Buying Ads (Ad Label)

Now let’s dive into how you can use this information for your lead generation efforts!

Identify who is paying for Ads, and how to use that for Lead Generation

The GMB Crush Chrome tool scrapes the top 22 competition based on your current map view. Where the first 2 results will be paid results if somebody is advertising in that specific region. Once your scrape is done, these 2 results will be placed at the top of the results table indicated with a YES in the Ad Label column. 

This means we can now identify which companies are paying for ads. This is important for lead generation in knowing which companies can be targeted, and are good candidates for paid SEO opportunities and other services.

By knowing which companies are prepared to pay for ads and invest heavily in advertising, we can then analyze their web presence and review their website. 

If the site is maintained and designed well, we can pitch to them directly. 

Because if they are already paying hundreds, if not thousands per month to rank high, they will naturally be interested in knowing about SEO and Organic search opportunities that they wouldn’t need to pay for.

Identify Outsider Listings

Outsiders are listings that have the potential to feature in the top three results but need a little SEO to rank higher in the future, to eventually rank within these top results.

So, for example, if a listing at spot number 9 has a great rating and has many reviews, almost equal to the top 3 organic spots, we can call this listing an outsider.

You can then look if they are maybe using the wrong main and secondary categories by comparing them to the top 3 results. Or look at their post count and post frequency and compare it to the top 3 results. 

Now, from this data, we can start to summarize and identify potential new business opportunities. We can then begin to target and cold-call on those businesses that hold a good rating, high number of reviews, or own a good, functional website. This means that we can then offer them our SEO services quickly and efficiently.

Exporting and combining CSV`s

Audit CSV File

To get your audit CSV file, just go to the top table and press download CSV.

Lead Generation CSV File

To get your CSV file, simply scroll down, click “Download CSV”, and boom – it’s done! Simple, easy, efficient. You can then start to identify your future partners.

GMB Crush Pro Tip: Follow the same procedure for all other keywords that your potential clients are trying to target, and you will soon begin to see what parameters are the most relevant for multiple keywords at once.

With this data, you can then combine and categorize your results based on your own parameters and filters.

Extension Updates

Most of the time Chrome does a wonderful job on automatically updating extensions in the background, but sometimes this doesn`t work. For this reason we have made a small guide on how to update the GMB Crush extension manually. It’s very easy and will take you only 1 minute!

Please see the video and text guide below:

● Start Google Chrome.
● Click the vertical ellipsis icon on the browser toolbar.
● Select More Tools -> Extensions.
● click the Developer Mode button on the right side of the header
● From there, you should see the “Update” button pop right up


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