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William Jones going to show us how to create a Google My Business post in this podcast to optimize your GMB

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Quality Images

Geo Identifier

The Daisy Chain

Post Rejection


William: Hey guys, my name is William and in today’s video we’re going to do how to create a Google My Business post. That’s where we’ll go over how to create a Google My Business post.

My name is William, and we’ll go ahead and get started. So number one, one thing we never want to do. And I see this happen a lot, right? If someone asks an SEO, ‘Hey, I need your login information for Google My Business’, that’s a big red flag, don’t ever do it, okay? You simply want to give them manager access only, right? Once you do that, they’re going to get an email that’s going to invite them to become a manager, therefore they can manage it, they don’t own it. If they were to own it, that means they can control it. They could do whatever they want with it, delete it, change anything, whatever, right?

So, today’s video, we’re just going to go over how to do posts, you know, because a lot of people will do posts in various different ways. I specifically do them in a very, very, very, very, very specific way. First thing we’re going to go over is, for example, where can we find posts, so let’s say this specific client we’re looking for is called Salt Creek Films. Your post would appear down here, right, as you do them. The post would appear down here. Let’s look at another company if they have some, so let’s go. Quality discount so here are some posts, okay. This is not the way I would set up posts, but this is how they’ve been doing it as of late. So your post would appear down here and there are various types of posts as well. You know, you have offers you have, you know, products, what’s new, etc.

And events, two of the best ones I found really are going to be you know, what’s new events and products a lot of times, not so much. What’s new is okay, but products are really good but events, you can use those for multiple different things, especially when it comes to CTR manipulation, etc. Now, how do we create a, if you will, a GMB post?


William: So when you log into an account, you want to go here to post. And it’s going to say up, you don’t have any posts so we have to create them.

And now I do this one of several ways, I can either go to their website, if they have a good website, this is a film production company. So let’s go to their website, see what they got. And we’re going to create some posts there. 
All right, they don’t have much of a website. So that’s going to be the first problem here. I’ll definitely need a lot, lot, lot more content. But, nevertheless, you could take this information and use it for your posts, you could do introductions, let’s say in specific you did wedding films or you did engagements. Alright, you make a post based off of that. All right, you can take the same information really from your website to your post, I want my posts to reflect my siloed content, right if this was built out correctly, you would want your posts to reflect your siloed content and I’m going to give you guys today my exact format if you will for my posts and how do we make these posts right and I’m going to give you an example the posts. He doesn’t have any posts so stop that we can actually show you there with him. But I wanted to give you an actual example of a post so I’m going to give that to you.

Quality Images

William: Also, if you don’t have the Google My Business toolkit, I lay that in there, you know, why should you use them? Things to use whenever you’re using them how to do it, you know. Number one thing, okay, that we’re going to want to do, right? Is; we want quality images, right, that’s step number one. Quality images, try not to use photo stock if you have to use it, but try to use images from your actual job or service. Number two; view your logo, all right, or your phone number if at all possible. All right, and we’re going to create layovers over the photo; what is a layover? So a photo when you’re creating a photo if you will, and I’ve went over this in another video you can actually add text to that photo and bring down the opacity level so that the naked eye can’t see it but Google’s AI does see it, guard, you know, Google’s artificial intelligence does see it. 

Geo Identifier

William: Okay, and whenever you’re making your post, you want to always use what’s your main keyword plus the city or geo identifier. All right, the next thing I’m going to do and this part kind of gets sticky okay because according to Google’s Terms of Service you’re not supposed to put links not supposed to name address, phone number etc. I can tell you this, I just know it works. A lot of times they pass, sometimes they may get rejected but I just use it because I know it works. So we put the name, address, phone, okay and then we want to put what we call daisy chaining. Daisy chaining is the essence of taking the previous pose in hyperlinking into the next post and I’ll show you an example of that. Okay, Daisy chain your posts, okay, which simply means you can there’s multiple things we do like using a previous post link post back to the previous post CID mind map, deep page all types of stuff we could do right? But what we’re going to do I’m going to show you for example if we were to go here and create a post, right we want to do what’s new, we could go to the website and grab let’s say an image from here, you know, what I tried to use this image or one of the other images down here right?

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Select it, grab that image and upload it. This is going to be my post but I can pull this down so I can see it all okay. You know, where are they located in Bluffton, right Salt Creek Films, Bluffton it’s in their case. They are a film industry or wedding films, you know, in this case we go wedding photography, videography, videography, or awkward videographer, Bluffton South Carolina. So I’m putting if you will the geo modifiers in the main text everything, you know. And this will reflect if you will the website now what I could do is I’m going to take the name address phone number, and I’m going to put that in here, I’m going to put Salt Creek Films, I hope you guys can see all the Salt Creek films, 6 Ballenger Nick Road. And we’ll go to Bluffton, South Carolina right 29909. And then we’ll even take their phone number, if need be, there we go grab it over here. Hopefully they have it on the website, let’s see here, good contact us. No, they’re going to definitely need a new website on this one. So, Brick Films’ new completely done website is what I would go with, y’all. Mainly because I really need more content etc. But for now, we’re going to go with this, okay.

The Daisy Chain

William: I’m going to start with optimizing their GMB so we have the main identifier, main keyword plus their local location which is in Bluffton, South Carolina . We have their name, address, phone number. We’re also going to put in their website address okay and then they have no previous post but if they did I could show you how to grab that as well. Now let’s say when I say daisy chain, I’m going to go to Google My Business.

I just want to show you real quick how to grab a post. Let’s say you were doing another you know client how and you had let’s say 20 posts or 10 posts already up, you could go to the posts and I wanted to daisy chain previous posts like I was doing this post I wanted to daisy chain on this get share post and grab that and then I would put it inside the post, okay. Since this is the very first post you can’t do that then you’re going to take your informational button or call to action if you want them to learn more so in this case we’re going to send them over to their website which in this case is going to be an investment for wedding films. So I’m going to take that and it’s going to go over to learn more buttons to wedding films and hit ‘Publish’. Now if it’s going to be rejected usually it’s immediately rejected once this actually gets pushed out to live on google, it would show in the bottom down here but right now it’s still not live. It usually takes for the most part to be instant or generally can take a few minutes to actually be there, okay. Now when we go to make the next post What does it share post a daisy chain them, okay. Let’s go ahead and do one more post so we can show you how we make a daisy chain of posts and how we do each and every Google Business post. So that was a wedding, this one’s specifically a wedding let’s do engagement next okay. Or let’s do I mean we can choose any multiple number one of these but ultimately he goes through you, have commercials, you have all types of different wedding videography, wedding films, video films, you know etc. So we could grab this one, or this one, you know grab each of them whenever we’re doing this save image as and we’re going to do another post and we’re going to show you how we do this one.

So we get down here and create another post that’s a new upload, the image. The image is this one right here and once again this is going to be a wedding videographer, Bluffton South Carolina, love my South Carolina people, right. And then we’re going to put the name, address, phone number and all that jazz in there right. Which is Salt Creek films, 6 Ballenger Neck Road, South Carolina 29909, right? And then we will grab the link that we want to send them to? Which is right here.

Now how do we grab previous posts, okay. So we’ll get out of here, go to this real quick and we’re going to grab it so you get a post. And this is how you daisy chain, you’re going to grab it, you could hit learn more, okay? This is a perfect example; they rejected it.

Post Rejection

William: So what would we do in this case if they reject it, sometimes they’re going to reject it because of this right here. And so what we have to do is we have to go in and then delete it and redo it. Okay, and you’ll get these to happen sometimes and, in some niches, this is a perfect example, okay. Because I have people ask me all the time. So in this case, this one got rejected, what am I going to do? You want to copy it, I’m going to delete this and I’m going to re-do it, you know, and do it in such a way that hopefully it gets accepted, because what will happen is sometimes, they will get rejected, right. And generally speaking, they’re getting rejected because of the link inside of the actual post that we’re making. That’s why I say if they let it slide you that if they don’t let it slide, then don’t use it, okay. So we get down here, we’re going to hit where we want to set it to learn more, it’s going to be to their website, which is Salt Creek, alright, learn more, publish it.

And we’ll give it a few minutes, and we’re going to see if this will actually stick, it should stick. And it got rejected again so they’re in a rejecting mood today. So one last thing we’re going to try; is it can possibly believe it or not be this picture of them kissing. Could be multiple things, but it could be multiple, multiple things. Sometimes they don’t like pictures of lovey dovey, sometimes they don’t like pictures or pose with a link in them. So, we literally have to sit here and go, okay, why the fuck did they keep rejecting it for? Because it’s not violating any terms of services or anything like that. So, we’re using actual photos. Let’s go over here, let’s go back to their wedding site and see if we can get one like this one. It’s not lovey dovey, not kissy kissy, that sort of thing. And let’s see what happens when we go to post that one. So, you really just have to honestly almost go, okay, I wonder if this one’s going to stick or is this we’re not going to stick, you’re trying to sometimes you have to almost go and figure it out. Because Google tells you, ‘Hey, this is what violations of terms of services are’ and then you know, you’re not violating the terms of service and you just kind of have to figure it out. So, we’re going to go back over here to Salt Creek Films, get down to the bottom. Salt Creek Films, right, generally speaking, it’s not even the name, address, phone number. You know, I have people all the time like, ‘Oh my god, you know what to do when they reject it?’ Well, you delete it. And you have to try it again, it’s Google. You never know one day it could be the picture, one day it could be you know, something totally different. So, wedding videographer, Bluffton, South Carolina. You know, it’s not something that’s a, if you will, a pitted down science where, you know, for fact that it is this versus something totally different. Okay, because Google wants for, just giving you an example for many, many, many, many of our clients we have, and we post the hyperlink down here and it never ever, ever gets rejected. Then other times, we’ll do it, and they’ll be rejected so you never know. Okay, so what we’re trying to do is go okay which is, why is the reason; is it because of the kissies or running to figure that out. Because it would just change the picture from the kissies, we have no links in here whatsoever now, so it should stick. You know, and we’ll try and see if it will stick. Is it going to stick?

So far it sticks so you can already see, it’s the lovey dovey, they didn’t like the lovey dovey, kissy kissy, that’s what it was about. All right, so now how do I daisy chain so if I was a new post, how to daisy chain this post to the next post, or see our previous post, we’re going to grab the share link right here, right, want to make sure this sticks and it’s stuck. Okay, so let’s do one more non kissy kissy one, okay such as this right here. Go back to it before we start just to make sure it didn’t. See that’s it, it was the kisses, you’d figure they have a problem with kisses apparently. But let’s go and grab this hyperlink first and I’m going to put it inside of, inside of our notepad and then we’ll come back to it in a minute. Okay so we’re going to create a post, what we’re going to do, we’re going to create the post based upon this one and what’s new. Our image is optimized, we got completely optimized and all that. Okay so the photo is here, we’re going to write our post. Alright so we’re going to go to Salt Creek Films, they are at 6 Ballenger Neck Road, Bluffton South Carolina to 29909. So, I’m just typing that out for myself right now.

Alright go back over here to wedding films but we go up. Now here’s going to be really tricky. If we’re going to go and see, is it going to allow it to stay or not? Okay so go up here, we’re going to go see a wedding, videographer, Bluffton South Carolina okay and we’re going to see; was it because of the image or was it because of the length, we already know it’s not because of the length because we removed it the first time. Now we’re going to try putting it back in there and see if we get a rejection. I will go ahead, learn more and then we’re going to go get our link right here which is our previous posts link so we can daisy chain them. Here, see previous post and then insert. Now once again like I’ve said that is a violation of Google’s terms of services when you’re doing that so this is only for informational purposes but we’re going to put that in and we’re going to publish and now we’re going to see if it rejects either one of them. We’re going to sit here so we can do this live and see did it reject it because of the links or was it the image. And so far what you can see from this live demonstration where I showed you that they rejected the post was based upon the kiss, it was not based upon the links or anything in here. This one is still sticking. It’s not based upon the name, address, or phone number. It was based upon simply that they didn’t like the kiss, okay.

So, we’re going to go ahead and call this a day because in today’s video we were showing you how to optimize, if you will, a GMB post. If you do not have it make sure to comment below and I will give you the Google My Business toolkit in which I lay out exactly how to optimize a Google My Business posts the same way we did in here. And you know till next time I will see you again and you see the posts already here live and everything. So, I appreciate you guys, you guys be blessed and I will talk to you again soon. Make sure to like and comment and subscribe.

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