Google My Business Name Change

How does Google penalize keyword stuffing when you change your business listing’s name?

A recent Case Study from Sterling Sky offers some of the main pros and cons of keyword stuffing in GMB. 
However, there are still a few things that we would like to add regarding this topic.

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GMB Keyword stuffing

How Google Does Penalize Keyword Stuffing

Future Trends with Google My Business

The Bottom Line

GMB Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a common practice in Local SEO because it gives you an advantage on Google Maps and the 3-pack. 

This recent study from MyLocalSEOGuide, as well as other sources, have confirmed that keyword insertion is important for ranking purposes.

Many local search engine marketers say that it is important to include prominent keywords in your Google My Business Name. A recent Moz Survey found a majority of respondents listed this as the most important element for successful Local SEO, along with proximity and category.

However, be aware that going against Google’s guidelines (like stuffing keyword phrases into your GMB page) will result in suspension or deletion from their indexing services; so if you are following best practices already then there isn’t much need to change anything about how you saved/named your business on GMB – just keep up the good work!

How Google Does Penalize Keyword Stuffing

According to Colan Nielsen, VP of Local Search at Sterling Sky Inc:

-Google has let a business add keywords back to its name on GMB as many as 8 times after being removed, without taking any kind of action such as a warning or soft suspension. 

– Google sent out warnings (no punishments) to those who were adding too many words in their title and descriptions for evidence that they had been abusing the system. However, these are not applied equally: keyword stuffing 60% of the time warrants only one email whereas doing so 20% will get you suspended from listing your company’s information on this website entirely.

-It’s fairly easy for business owners with Google My Business listings to convince Google that their keywords are a part of its name by simply adding them in some way on their website or using photos on GMB that have an inclusion of logos.

– The user, when faced with a hard suspension from Google, just created another one. In case this new listing was also suspended and in spite of the fact that they had been suspended before for creating two listings; the person made three more pages in quick succession.

Image Credits to  Sterling Sky Inc

Image Credits to  Sterling Sky Inc

The Bottom Line

Following trends and trying to outperform competitors by doing the same things they do is not enough. 

Find an area where you can start something different, be original in one way or another – don’t simply hope that your products will stand out amidst a sea of brands. 

To maximize chances for success, know what you’re all about and act according to your core values with social responsibility at heart!

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