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(up to 4 target link)

This gig is created specifically for all local businesses that wish to have a boost in visibility and traffic through our Press Release services.

+ 450 Live Links

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ATTENTION: By Purchasing this product, you agree to give GMB Crush The Authority To Publish This PR on Behalf of You or Your Client and Will Be Fully Responsible For All The Information Provided To GMB Crush.


This advanced linking strategy passes referral traffic thus increasing interactions on different levels of the target Google business profile.

Brand mentions and quality backlinks from other relevant publications are some of the best ways SEO and PR can work together to help build brand awareness, drive referral traffic, and strengthen web presence.


How can you describe the service we give in a few sentences?

This is a Press release service for all those who wish to create a link building campaign that points to the Google business profile and local site ( main url, location pages etc).

Which type of pages is this service recommended for? (for example, service pages, etc.)

As in the mandatory fields required, in this advanced PR edition, it is possible linking to:

1) The GMB/GBP share URL Link

2) The Google Business free Website URL (If You Have One)

3) The GMB/GBP Driving directions

4) One GMB/GBP post url

How does this gig differ from the basic one?

In this advanced version you can link and drive traffic to multiple Urls.

What information should a user give in order for us to complete the order?

All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

How does it work for anchor text selection? If you place multiple orders, how do we handle this?

Your target keywords are those used as anchors. If you let GMB Crush choose the anchor text we will keep track of the selected anchor from time to time. Otherwise the user is responsible for the chosen anchor text.

Who gives us the content part?

Once the PR is ready, we will send you the content for approval. The client must approve the given content in no later than 5 working days.If we do not receive feedback and / or confirmations (within 5 working days), we will publish the Press Release using the content as it was created.


By purchasing the service, the user accepts these and other conditions listed on this page.

What is the final price of the gig?

The final price of the basic press release service is $ 169.

What are the delivery times?

Once the given PR content is confirmed, the service will be completed in 5 working days. On average, the complete reports will be delivered in 12/14 working days.

What do we include in the report?

The final report will be delivered in excel or pdf format, including all the live links of the published press releases.

Is one gig enough?

We recommend a monthly press release if you are targeting high competition keywords.

Does it work for all niches?

Yes it does.

Does it work in English only?

You can order by any geo-location, but the list of targeted sites does not change based on the territory in which the business operates.

Is the effect everlasting?

After a few months some press release links will no longer be active (all Press release services work like this – unless you purchase PR services that cost thousands of dollars). So we recommend that you order at least once every two months.

How long does it take to see the effects?

You can gain referral traffic almost immediately, the effects of ranking on fully optimized Google business lists/sites vary from 2 to 3 months**.

**Depending on how large the target city is and the level of difficulty.

Can I order multiple times for the same url/page?

Yes of course, be sure to vary the anchor text from time to time to avoid penalties.

Does this also work for highly competitive niches?

This service must always be complementary to your SEO strategy and not as the only means to achieve your goals.

Do I need to fix my on-page SEO?

It is always recommended to have an excellent on-page score, and well-optimized content for the geo-localizations that you want to target.