9 Marketing Lessons to Learn from Squid Game

The Korean TV show series Squid Game is far more than the hype, there are critical marketing lessons that we can learn from this TV series.

The Korean TV show series Squid Game is one of the most talked about TV series this year. You can’t help but notice the viral memes, social media discussions and online reviews revolving around it. But far more than the hype, there are critical marketing lessons that we can learn from this TV series.

Table of Content:

Execute a winning strategy

Creativity is key

Big players don’t always win

Expect the unexpected

Be observant

Keep your goals in mind

Take risks but play clean

Learn from your competitors

Play with your strengths

Execute a winning strategy

In the game Red Light, Green Light, we saw how each contestant strategized to reach the finish line before the time was up. While many of the players are familiar with the game, many of them still end up dying because they were not able to properly execute their strategy. It could be out of panic or because of other reasons. 

The lesson here for marketers is that while having a good strategy is crucial to marketing success, this is just half the battle. Execution is important too! Even the best strategic plans can fail without proper execution.

A good strategic marketing plan covers all bases, from your target audience, budget, monitoring your organic rankings, goals, and so on. Once that’s done, you need to put your plan into action – this is when you execute. And when you execute, you should always go back to your strategic plan, making sure that you are properly implementing it.

With the right strategy, your business can succeed in growing on Google’s first page of results. The key to this is understanding which data matters most and using it properly – without wasting time or money trying pointless campaigns that don’t work.

The more data you have at hand and the better organized that information will be for future use in Local SEO campaigns- this is where The GMB Crush Audit Tool comes into play!

Creativity is key

In the Honeycomb game, no one expected what the main character would do. Many of us were fixated with what other players were doing. But when Gi-Hun started licking the honeycomb, that captured our attention.

In marketing, whatever is unique, whatever is new, these are the things that easily catch the attention of customers and target audience. So if your campaign is not picking up, you may have to try innovating or recreating it. Do something original and be more creative. If you are not afraid to do something out of the box, that is when creativity kicks in.

When it comes to driving your or a client’s Business Listings, having an effective strategy is crucial. The more data you have at hand and the better organized that information will be for future use in advertising campaigns- this is where we come into play!

Big players don’t always win

The best thing about marketing is that it levels out the competition among local established businesses and industry giants. So if you are one of those industry giants, there is no 100% assurance that you will win all the time over your competitors in your marketing efforts. 

If we look back at the tug-of-war game in the Squid Game, Gi-hun’s team was an underdog but they won because of their great strategy and execution. This holds true for marketing as well. A properly executed brilliant strategy will give you an opportunity to out-position other industry players.

However, it’s important to note that there are certain aspects that marketing does not level out, which include brand reputation, budget and the duration of the marketing campaigns. Of course, big companies can allocate more funds to their marketing efforts than say, small startup companies. This is something that you need to consider when you plan your marketing strategies.

GMB Crush is a powerful Local SEO Tool for agencies that can help you surpass your competitors by giving accurate data on the ranking factors influencing them. It’s important to know where and how much money should go into an effective SEO campaign, but it becomes difficult without knowledge about what allocating resources does in this case. With GMB Crush these things become easier. Knowing where each dollar goes can make or break success in this competitive industry landscape!

Expect the unexpected

The different games in the show Squid Game offer surprises which oftentimes lead to life-and-death situations. As marketers, you can always expect surprises and unexpected outcomes in your campaigns. You should have a plan B or plan C in case these things happen.

For example, in Local SEO, Google frequently updates its algorithms. Any of these changes may significantly impact your marketing plans. Having a good understanding of how your marketing campaign works allows you to plan out solutions for unexpected events.

Google’s algorithm updates can be unpredictable, but when you want to stay competitive and keep your eyes on the stats that matter it is important for any SEO marketer to understand how Google rewards certain listings over others.

The GMB Crush Rank tracker allows you to perform a Google keyword ranking check to ensure a smooth transition in times where rankings change without warning signs beforehand by providing insights about what to do during these sudden shifts so as not lose traffic or opportunities suddenly due atypical fluctuations from an update.

Be observant

In season 1, we saw how Detective Jun-Ho was able to infiltrate the VIP room while posing as a waiter. This would not be possible if he were not very observant of his surroundings, knowing the best opportunity to execute his plans.

In marketing, powerful marketing insights come from observing your customers and prospective customers. By doing a thorough market observation, you’ll know what marketing campaign will work and when the right time is to execute it.

GMB Crush will help you monitor and develop effective strategies to rank on the local Google Snack pack. Being observant is important when your time is spent on what matters, this is where our tool comes in hand; we do all the hard work for observing what’s triggering competitors’ rankings so that you can reverse their strategy-surpass them!

Keep your goals in mind

The players in Squid Game are all driven by one goal – to win the prize of 45.6 billion won. With the deadly situation they faced, they are motivated by this one goal of winning. 

As marketers, you may see that some of your efforts may not be drawing revenue or are not attracting more customers as it should. When it is time to contemplate your next move, always remind yourself of the bigger picture, of what your ultimate goal is. That way, you will not lose your direction and whatever your next moves will be, and will still be headed in the direction of hitting your marketing goals.

GMB Crush will help you to guide your client through the Google Map SEO work needed for them to have visibility they want over the 3 pack. A goal without a plan cannot be sold! 

With GMB Crush on board you can start a data-driven strategy to bring more clients and back up your proposal with solid evidence.

Take risks but play clean

Players in the Squid Game took a big risk when they decided to continue playing. And later on, many of them resorted to dirty tactics to put down other players to move forward in the game. However, the player who won the game is the one who showed empathy and kindness to others.

Likewise, taking risks is almost always part of being a marketer. But it pays to stay ethical and truthful in all your marketing efforts. There is always a way to achieve your goals without being dishonest, deceptive or manipulative in your strategies. As the saying goes, “what goes around, comes around.”

Learn from your competitors

In the Glass Stepping Stones game, the players who played last had the advantage of learning from the other players’ mistakes.

So coming last actually gives them the advantage.
This same principle applies to marketing. You can also learn from your competitors’ mistakes and successes. Learning from them allows you to make informed decisions.

With GMB Crush on board you can stay up to date with what Google is rewarding and find out how the top performers are doing it.

We love to keep you up to date on what Google rewards and how best to align with top performers in order for increased visibility, which will result in more sales!

Play with your strengths

Just like how the players in the tug-of-war game were assigned roles based on their strengths, a winning marketing team is one that also leverages the individual strengths of its members. Having the right people to do tasks they are good at and having good teamwork will allow your team to prosper and stay on top of the competition. 

GMB Crush will help you play on your strengths. Use the data to focus efforts in areas that deliver results and avoid wasting time or effort with activities not likely to succeed.

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